What are KML?

According to Wikipedia, KML (the acronym for Keyhole Markup Language) is a markup language based on XML to represent geographic data in three dimensions.

In everyday words, KML is a file type that you contain geographic data as coordinates, direction, height or any other variable that would also represent a route on a map and points of interest.

The Global AVL Tracking Management Platform using this KML standard to import or export data to work them manually or using Google Earth to visualize dynamically and flexibly.

This data representation, to be hosted on any external server can be called by our application dynamically and represent an additional layer such information for a specific use.

The most common use to give our clients this KML technology is added to the standard Google Maps mapping a KML file with points of interest containing certain gas stations, service routes, black spots on roads or locations of suppliers. Using their KML from our GPS platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can improve their field service management control and improve their automatic vehicle dispatch or increase their control of driving habits of their drivers.