Green Driving. What does it mean?

The term Green Driving means much more than the color type driving.

Usually always say in our company that driving can be labeled in many ways, but never be 'green' in terms of protecting our environment. Much as though we are to ever achieve driving based on renewable energy and vehicles 100% recyclable or re-usable.

Then: Because this term becomes so hard? Very simple, and is a positive term includes emission controls, efficient driving, reducing fuel costs, route optimization and is useful to obtaining grants in different countries.

Global AVL, by real-time GPS Tracking Management Platform that has European regulations of tachograph, Fleet Management easier in terms of Driving control or Care Driving using the following functions:

  • Speed ​​control vehicles. Issuance of reports by comparing vehicles in a fleet. A difference of 15 to 20 Km / h can result in savings of close to 10% in fuel.
  • Management routes and route optimization compared.
  • Proximity control vehicle avoiding redundant paths in its fleet, function ideal for their automatic vehicle dispatch.
  • Integration of external or own vehicle telemetry via Can Bus.
  • Consumption calculation based on GPS speed ranges odometer.
  • Calculation of CO2 emissions based on GPS odometer.
  • Alerts excessive fuel consumption.
  • Vehicle event management without any limit.