What GPS device is the appropriate?

The answer is very simple, direct, clear and strong: He who can use them.

Before going into detail about aspects that must be considered when selecting a GPS device, delivery assumes that the question is on knowing what it takes.

That is, that I need to cover location for my company or client?

That said, the most important determinant and on which we have less control capacity-and therefore must address the first - it is the market and our competitors.

This as linear as helpful thought allow us to quickly narrow the range of pre-selection functionality and costs, and to have a first shorts pretty decent list of options on real GPS device.

Either option will be affordable and will meet in principle we need.

After these steps the process of making decisions that will lead to success (achieving our goals) or end up making life a little more difficult life because once the investment (but minimum it will take us at least 6 weeks begins a good onsite) test will be hard to go back.

So what we always suggest to our clients when selecting a GPS device for their fleet management?

A - Do not be influenced by very distant references in time.

The GPS devices industry is very dynamic, varied and flexible. Something that worked two years ago, can not do it today. Something that works well today may not be tomorrow functionality that may be required.

B - Evaluate the features and specifications that the GPS device offers.

If for the same price range the device will allow me future service improvements because I limit my self abilities?

C - The manufacturer offers similar products?

Keep in mind that working with a device involves developing software to "understand" what the device send us. If the manufacturer offers similar models this implies more or less integration of software work?

D - hidden overhead expenses and end up increasing our costs.

This section is often not taken into account until it is too late and our understanding is most important to the success of a project as geo-location is usually medium to long term. Basically a hidden expense is all that more expensive the purchase cost of the device over time (maintenance, replacement, communications, updates, etc).

Searching the Internet are easily hundreds of technical options, prices and all the same devices marketed by several companies that advertise various claims on the same product. The list will be endless, incomprehensible and feel of purchase will not be satisfactory in most cases. With these simple procedures we can narrow down the options and can focus on only those that we will be positive.