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How a management system and fleet tracking improves investment company

Through a fast access and application intuitive Fleet Management not only can locate your fleet in real-time, but also control events any queries, define own points of interest, areas prohibited or allowed access reporting routes and power and effectively make decisions on the management of its fleet.

  • Reducing administrative costs (drivers, control, accounting).
  • More efficient routes allow lower fuel consumption and less mileage for each vehicle.
  • More efficient routes allow a greater number of deliveries and increase the number of fleet services.
  • Efficient routing can reduce vehicle idle times.
  • Ability to redirect vehicles to new locations by proximity.
  • Reduced unauthorized use of company vehicles.
  • Reduce fraud by bad driving.
  • Ability to improve safety in driving habits.
  • Get precise information about where their vehicles have been at all times.
  • Recovery of stolen vehicles.
  • Ability to identify drivers.
  • Improve driving habits.
  • Receive alerts for proximity maintenance.
  • Incorporate alarm sensors.
  • Receive alerts via email or SMS with scheduled events.
  • Send work orders directly to the driver while in route.
  • Increase productivity while satisfying their customers.
  • Inventory control while on route.
  • Reduce costs of insurance premiums.
  • Reducing waiting times between trips.
  • Comparison of use of vehicles, information analysis for logistical purposes.
  • Maintenance costs by activity driver.
  • Control of routes, roads used and conduction analysis.
  • Written communication with drivers in real time.
  • Extending the useful life of each vehicle.
  • According to Aberdeen Group medium fleet increased by 25% the number of orders completed by having a GPS tracking system work. The increase in on-time delivery services is enhanced by more than 40% and fuel economy is improved by 15 to 26%.
  • The use of ID drivers can ensure the start and end times of working days.
  • Car rental companies can locate stolen vehicles or delivered on time quickly and safely.
  • Transport companies can determine the veracity of the charges and tours of their outsourced services and verify that their drivers do not perform work for other companies simultaneously.
  • Using information Can Bus can provide data on engine hours, fuel consumed, driving habits, tachograph information, etc.
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