GPS Device Integration Zy TK103

Finished integration of GPS Vehicle Trackers and Fleet Management model TK103 of ZY International Limited brand. The GPS real-time tracking of Zy TK103 is within Tracking Management Platform through GPRS communication and within this service may provide all data sent by the device with hours of service control of their service routes or deliveries tasks.

If you do not need a GPS real-time tracking, TK103 offers the option to receive SMS alerts with different scheduled reports, events management and status update on a predefined Mobile Phone. If use TK103 in our GPS platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can control their field service management and manage the care driving or also use our REST API to connect existing applications at no additional cost. From our tracking platform and with their TK103, you can also manage the control of driving habits of their drivers and control their automatic vehicle dispatch without requirement limit or also manage their vehicle fuel consumption control.