GPS Device Integration CalAmp LMU-2700

LMU-2700 GPS tracker integration of CalAmp brand, designed for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions. CalAmp LMU-2700 can be located periodically receive SMS alerts on a predefined mobile phone or locate in real-time within a Tracking Management Platform via Web with hours of service control of their automatic vehicle dispatch or manage their fuel consumption control.

The most attractive feature of LMU-2700 GPS tracker of CalAmp is the Driver identification by 1-Wire interface that allows unauthorized invalidating their vehicles driving in your service routes or deliveries tasks, also it has 5 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs, 2 analog inputs and also use an REST API to connect existing applications. For Driving control and safety of its fleet in their field service management, the CalAmp LMU-2700 GPS tracker offers reports and events by sudden braking, aggressive acceleration or impacts on the vehicle.