GPS Device Integration CalAmp LMU-2620

LMU-2620 GPS Tracker integration of CalAmp brand, used for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions. The real-time tracking of CalAmp LMU-2620 GPS tracker is performed within a Tracking Management Platform, where all data sent by the device are received of their automatic vehicle dispatch.

In addition to making a real-time tracking of your service routes or deliveries tasks and hours of service control of the LMU-2620, you can schedule sending SMS alerts to receive them in a predefined mobile phone. When you install the CalAmp LMU-2620 tracker in your vehicle, apart from being able to track will include the following reports for Driving control: driving behavior of the driver, the vehicle impacts, aggressive braking and aggressive acceleration. The interface for connecting external devices at the LMU-2620 is very broad, although CalAmp for this model offers several extra features that can be included in the device, the most prominent is to add 1-Wire interface to manage Driver identification in your field service management or connect a temperature sensor, LMU-2620 also can be use an REST API to connect existing applications.