GPS Device Integration CalAmp Vanguard 5530

Vanguard 5530 GPS Tracker integration of CalAmp brand, is a 4G Router GPS used in asset tracking solutions. If you register the CalAmp Vanguard 5530 tracker within a Tracking Management Platform, can perform real-time tracking of assets or vehicles and have all scheduled reports send your device to the online service with hours of service control of their service routes or deliveries tasks.

The Vanguard 5530 Router GPS can update your firmware to any parameter configuration through OTA commands, with this update mode installation costs will reduce or in vehicle maintenance, since it does not need to uninstall the Router GPS. With its high-speed connectivity CalAmp Vanguard 5530 tracker lets you manage different Programmable logic controllers ideal for their automatic vehicle dispatch, WLAN connectivity to enable smart devices or connect to different access points using Wi-Fi networks. The Vanguard 5530 Router GPS enables you the following interfaces for connecting external devices: 2 inputs with 1-Wire protocol, 4 analog inputs, 5 digital outputs, 7 digital inputs, 1 serial port, 2 RJ-45 ports 10/100; aside for protection and security features connect peripherals (PPTP RADIUS Client VPN, GRE Tunneling, IPsec) and also offer an REST API to connect existing applications.