GPS Device Integration CalAmp Vanguard 5530MC

Vanguard 5530MC GPS tracker integration of CalAmp brand, is a GPS Asset Trackers + Router GPS wireless connectivity in networks 4G/LTE. Enabling your Wi-Fi network with secure access points CalAmp Vanguard 5530MC GPS tracker allows you to connect up to 25 devices-peripherals to the Router GPS you have installed on your assets.

To make the GPS tracking Vanguard 5530MC to use it as a GPS tracker and not as a simple Router, will have to register within a Tracking Management Platform where you can have real-time control of their vehicle 24 hours a day. With CalAmp Vanguard 5530MC Router GPS tracker you can connect all kinds of external devices in their different connection interfaces: 7 digital inputs, 5 digital outputs, 4 analog inputs, 2 inputs 1-Wire, 1 serial port female DCE (115kbps), 2 RJ-45 10/100 Mbps, 1 4-pin connector for power. In addition, the Router Vanguard 5530MC of CalAmp company, offers the following features for security of all peripheral-devices connected to the Router GPS: IPsec, GRE Tunneling, PPTP RADIUS Client, HTTPS web server. CalAmp Vanguard 5530MC Router GPS it is ideal for M2M solutions or industrial applications IoT, which need different multifunction and high speed location or connectivity.