GPS Device Integration Queclink GV55VC

GV55VC GPS tracker integration of Queclink brand, used for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions. With the Queclink GV55VC GPS tracker can do real-time monitoring and hours of service control of its fleet within a Tracking Management Platform via Web.

GV55VC GPS tracker of Queclink has an internal module CDMA2000 1xRTT dual-band, internal antennas CDMA/GPS that will facilitate the installation and reduce maintenance costs by not needing external wiring. For connections with external devices Queclink GV55VC GPS tracker offers the following interfaces: 1 Mini USB port to upgrade firmware or change settings, 2 digital outputs with open collector (150mA), 2 digital inputs (1 positive reserved for ignition and 1 negative). The GV55VC GPS tracker of Queclink also enables the configuration change or update firmware via OTA commands and if you do not need real-time location can program the following SMS alerts to receive them on a mobile phone: activation digital inputs alarm, on/off alarm, geo-fencing for service routes or deliveries tasks alarm or parking alarm.