GPS Device Integration Queclink GMT200

GMT200 GPS tracker integration of Queclink brand, with plastic housing IPX6 protection (Waterproof GPS) ideal for asset tracking solutions. Queclink GMT200 GPS tracker can configuration change or update your firmware with commands via OTA and reduce installation costs, since they will not have to uninstall the device of its assets, nor will have a workshop to bring the device to perform this management.

GMT200 GPS tracker of Queclink may be located in two different modes, the simplest; receiving SMS alerts on a predefined mobile phone or the most complete; tracking their real-time (asset, motorcycles, vehicle fleets) within a Tracking Management Platform via Web. To install the Queclink GMT200 GPS tracker or connect external devices, whatever with 5 wire harness offer the following interfaces: 2-positive-negative cables to power the device, 1 digital output and 2 digital inputs (1 reserved for ignition). GMT200 of Queclink is an economical and reliable solution for GPS tracking all kinds of (assets, motorcycles, vehicles).