GPS Device Integration Teltonika FM3620

FM3620 GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand, used for Fleet Management solutions or high-value asset tracking. With 4 configurable scenarios Teltonika FM3620 GPS tarcker manages Driving Control assets or vehicle on track: immobilizer function scenario, authorized driving in their automatic vehicle dispatch (for Driver identification with iButton) scenario, trip start and end route detection scenario and over speeding (secure driver and prevent penalties) scenario.

The FM3620 GPS tracker of Teltonika brand could locate periodically with SMS alerts to receive a predefined mobile phone or if you register the device within a Tracking Management Platform via Web with field service management control, can track real-time the asset or vehicle having installed the device, manage hours of service control with different scheduled reports. Teltonika FM3620 GPS Tracker includes an internal backup battery, 1 x internal USB port to change settings or to update the firmware (allows update via OTA) that help to reduce costs in vehicle maintenance, external GSM antenna with SMA connector and external GNSS antenna with MCX connector, FM3620 can be use an REST API to connect existing applications. In addition Teltonika offers two different hardware options for the FM3620 GPS tracker model with different interfaces: C1 option has: 1 digital input, 1 universal input digital / analog and 2 digital outputs; C2 option has: 1 universal input digital / analog, 1-Wire interface and 1 digital output.