GPS Device Integration Teltonika FM1202

FM1202 GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand, used for high-value asset tracking or vehicle location. To Driving control the Teltonika FM1202 GPS tracker has 3 scenarios with which you can manage your assets or vehicles: immobilizer function scenario, authorized driving (for Driver identification with iButton key) scenario and over speeding (secure driver and prevent penalties) in their automatic vehicle dispatch.

The FM1202 GPS tracker of Teltonika can be configured to only send SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone, these alerts inform you when a digital input / output is triggered or a new event is generated. If you need to locate in real-time and hours of service control of your assets or vehicles, you need to register Teltonika FM1202 GPS tracker within a Tracking Management Platform via Web, where all reports sent by the device are received of your service routes or deliveries tasks. FM1202 GPS tracker of Teltonika brand allows you to update your firmware or change settings via cable or via OTA commands, using the latter option reduces maintenance costs in their assets or vehicles. Teltonika FM1202 GPS tracker has a plastic housing with IP67 protection that makes it a Waterproof GPS, valid for any kind of requirement for location of assets or vehicles in your field service management control. With the GPS tracker FM1202 can connect different external peripherals in the following interfaces: 1-Wire protocol, 2 open collector digital outputs, 1 analog input and 3 digital inputs (1 reserved for ignition), FM1202 can be use an REST API to connect existing applications.