GPS Device Integration Teltonika FM6300

FM6300 GPS tracker integration of Teltonika brand, used for asset tracking and Fleet Management solutions. Teltonika FM6300 GPS tracker can extract data directly from the Can Bus (J1708, J1939) and if you need to have this data in real-time, you can register the FM6300 within a Tracking Management Platform via Web with hours of service control.

The FM6300 GPS tracker of Teltonika brand can also send data or information via SMS, can change settings or update the firmware via USB cable and you can also update via OTA commands reducing maintenance costs. Teltonika FM6300 GPS tracker can be configured to acquire and send data by: time, distance, angle change, unlike speed, ignition or events. The FM6300 GPS tracker of Teltonika has external GNSS antenna with MCX connector and external GSM antenna with SMA connector for higher sensitivity, inside integrates a 3G/GSM module for GPS tracking worldwide. Using FM6300 in our GPS tracking platform you can manage their efficient driving and their vehicle care driving or you can manage their vehicle fuel consumption control that help you to reduce company cost, also use our REST API to connect existing applications and control their manual task registration without any requirement limit or you can manage their service routes and deliveries tasks depending of your need. In our tracking platform you can also control their vehicle event management and you can be use without extra cost our mobile applications for mobile asset or vehicle tracking or you can manage the hours of service control of their drivers, in addition you can control their vehicle preventative maintenance without any requirement limit and you can manage the control of driving habits of their drivers depending of your need or you can use without extra cost our automatic data sending service to external servers, also you can manage different type of scheduled reports depending of your need and control their automatic vehicle dispatch without any requirement limit. Connection interfaces presented by Teltonika FM6300 GPS tracker are as follows: MicroSD card slot, 1-Wire interface (for Driver identification and driving control with iButton), 3 analog inputs, 4 digital outputs with open collector, 4 digital inputs, 2 RS232 ports (to connect Garmin devices for field service management or control the fuel level), K-Line interface for remote downloading tachograph data and Can Bus interface (J1939, J1708). With all features presented by the FM6300 GPS tracker of Teltonika, you may cover any requirement for asset tracking or fleets location in service routes or deliveries tasks.