GPS Device Integration DCT Syrus 3G

Syrus 3G GPS tracker integration of DCT brand, used for high-value asset tracking or Fleet Management solutions. DCT Syrus 3G GPS tracker protects assets or vehicles in their automatic vehicle dispatch with polycarbonate shell IP65 (Waterproof GPS) and with backup battery provides up to 10 days of autonomy.

With Syrus 3G GPS tracker of DCT can manage events of Driving control with the following reports: sabotage system reports, driving behavior reports, aggressive driving reports, crash detection reports and service routes movement reports. To view these reports in real-time and manage the hours of service control, have to register the DCT Syrus 3G GPS tracker within a Tracking Management Platform via Web with field service management control. When having GPS/GSM internal antennas Syrus 3G GPS tracker of DCT brand, facilitates installation in all types of mobile high-value assets or vehicles. DCT Syrus 3G GPS tracker offers the following interfaces for connecting external peripherals: 1-Wire interface (for Driver identification with iButton), 2-way audio, RS232, 1 analog input, 2 digital open collector outputs and 4 digital inputs with voltage of 0V to 32V (1 input reserved for ignition), in addition Syrus 3G can be use an REST API to connect existing applications.