GPS Device Integration DCT Syrus Cloud-Connect

Syrus Cloud-Connect GPS tracker integration of DCT brand, used in asset tracking or Fleet Management solutions. DCT Syrus Cloud-Connect GPS tracker can manage Driving control through the following reports by: lateral acceleration, 3D spatial awareness, tilt monitoring, towing alert, acceleration backlog for accident reconstruction and driving metrics performance.

For real-time tracking of mobile assets that have installed Syrus Cloud-Connect GPS tracker can use the Pegasus Gateway service offered by DCT or can register the tracker on a Tracking Management Platform have homologated this model. With the following interfaces offered by DCT Syrus Cloud-Connect GPS tracker can connect different external devices: RS232 (TX for data transmission and RX for receiving data), 1 digital open collector output and 2 digital inputs with voltage 0V to 32V (1 digital input reserved for ignition). Syrus Cloud-Connect is a Waterproof GPS tracker integrated into a polycarbonate shell with IP65 certification that allows you to use the tracker in different weather conditions, it can reduce maintenance costs on your assets if you update the firmware or configuration changes via OTA commands.