GPS Device Integration Concox GT06N

GT06N GPS tracker integration of Concox / Cothinking brand, used for Fleet Management solutions and vehicle tracking. With Concox GT06N GPS tracker you can send the following SMS alerts to a predefined phone: Panic button alert, vibration alert, low battery alert, overspeed alert and geo-fence alert.

In order to track real-time GT06N GPS tracker of Concox / Cothinking, you will have to register within a Tracking Management Platform via Web, within this service could manage all information sent by the device. Concox / Cothinking GT06N integrates a GSM/GPRS quad-band module and internal GPS/GSM antennas enabling install the tracker very easily. GT06N GPS tracker of Concox brand installation is done with a wiring harness that has the following interfaces connection: microphone / speaker interface and 2 digital inputs (1 reserved for ignition and 1 reserved for Panic button).