GPS Device Integration Concox GT100

GT100 GPS tracker integration of Concox brand, used for motorcyles - vehicle tracking solutions. If you register Concox GT100 GPS tracker on a Tracking Management Platform via Web, can manage the hours of service in real-time of all positions or events generated by GT100 device installed on your motorcycle or vehicle.

With the GT100 GPS tracker of Concox brand can cut the supply of fuel/electricity on the motorcycle or vehicle remotely via commands from a mobile phone, using these commands can prevent theft in their automatic vehicle dispatch. Concox GT100 GPS tracker is a Waterproof and dustproof, which can be used in any kind of service routes or deliveries tasks with weather when having IP65 certification in its plastic casing. GT100 GPS tracker of Concox company increases security and control of your vehicle or motorcycle, to configure it to send the following SMS alerts: low battery alert, geo-fence alarm for field service management control, Panic button alert and anti-theft alert, GT100 also allow to use an REST API to connect existing applications.