GPS Device Integration Meitrack T355

T355 GPS tracker integration of Meitrack brand, used for asset location solutions or GPS Container tracking. If you are configure Meitrack T355 GPS tracker to send data to a Tracking Management Platform via Web, can perform real-time monitoring of assets-containers-vehicles and have the information generated by the T355 tracker.

For more security control the hours of service of the asset-container-vehicle on which you install T355 GPS tracker of Meitrack company, can configure the following SMS alerts: external GPS antenna disconnect alarm, overspeed alarm, enter/exit geo-fence alarm for your field service management control and drop alarm. With Meitrack T355 GPS tracker can work on all service routes or deliveries tasks of adverse weather being an Waterproof tracker mounted in a plastic housing with IP66 certification, also it does not require connecting wires because it is a Standalone GPS with long battery life. T355 GPS tracker model is the most robust solution and best performance for the GPS tracking high-value assets offered by Meitrack company.