GPS Device Integration Wireless Links Piccolo ATX2S

Piccolo ATX2S GPS tracker integration of Wireless Links brand, used for asset location or GPS Container tracking. If you register the Wireless Links Piccolo ATX2S GPS tracker within a Tracking Management Platform via Web, can track real-time asset that you have installed the Piccolo ATX2S 24 hours a day, if not need real-time tracking, you can receive SMS alerts on a phone with the current position of the device.

Piccolo ATX2S of Wireless Links company is an Standalone GPS with rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 10,000 GPS positions on a single charge, charging the battery with the solar panel can have up to 20 GPS positions a day. Wireless Links Piccolo ATX2S GPS tracker be used in any type of adverse weather, since this is a Waterproof integrated in a plastic housing with IP67 certification. With the following interfaces you can connect different external devices with Piccolo ATX2S GPS tracker of Wireless Links: 1 USB port, external Temperature Sensor (up to 6 sensors supported), Can Bus (J1939, J1708, OBDII) interface, 1 analog input and 2 digital inputs. Wireless Links Piccolo ATX2S GPS tracker will help reduce installation costs or asset and vehicle maintenance, by allowing update the settings or update the firmware of Piccolo ATX2S via OTA commands.