Concox BL10 Bicycles GPS tracker integration for Bike sharing solutions

Bicycles GPS tracker integration BL10 model of Concox brand for Bike sharing solutions in GPS padlock format. Concox BL10 is a Standalone GPS able up to 45 days, thank for own 10000mAh battery and allowing remote updates via OTA (Over-the-Air).

The BL10 GPS padlock of Concox has special designed for Bike sharing solutions and offers the possibility to be in real-time intro a Tracking Management Platform or with one Concox mobile application. Also, the Concox BL10 Bicycles GPS tracker is a Waterproof GPS with IPX6 certification, with this feature can be used it in difficult weather conditions. The GPS padlock BL10 of Concox can unlocked in various modes: Bluetooth, GPRS, SMS or scan QR code.