Concox BL10 Bicycles GPS tracker integration for Bike sharing solutions

Bicycles GPS tracker integration BL10 model of Concox brand for Bike sharing solutions in GPS padlock format. Concox BL10 is a Standalone GPS able up to 45 days, thank for own 10000mAh battery and allowing remote updates via OTA (Over-the-Air). Using BL10 from our GPS platform that has European regulations of tachograph, you can control their field service management and manage some scheduled reports or you can control their event management without any requirement limit, also use our REST API to connect existing applications and you can use without additional cost our automatic data sending service to external servers or manage their bicycle hours of service control (HoS) that help you to reduce cost, in addition you can control the eco driving if use BL10 for mobile asset location and manage their drivers distraction control without any requirement limit. In our tracking platform you can also manage the control of driving habits of the drivers of their bicycle or control their bicycle care driving or also manage the efficient driving of their drivers, in addition you can use our mobile applications for control their BL10 tracker from a mobile phone and you can manage their preventative maintenance that help you to reduce company cost or you can control their automatic dispatch for control their bicycle, also you can manage their service routes and deliveries tasks without any requirement limit and control their manual task registration depending of your need or manage the fuel consumption control if use their BL10 device for vehicle tracking.

The BL10 GPS padlock of Concox has special designed for Bike sharing solutions and offers the possibility to be in real-time intro a Tracking Management Platform with hours of service control or with one Concox mobile application. Also, the Concox BL10 Bicycles GPS tracker is a Waterproof GPS with IPX6 certification, with this feature can be used it in their service routes or deliveries tasks with difficult weather conditions. The GPS padlock BL10 of Concox can unlocked in various modes: Bluetooth, GPRS, SMS or scan QR code.