Jointech JT701 GPS padlock + Standalone GPS tracker

Jointech JT701 GPS padlock + Standalone GPS trackerJointech JT701 is a GPS padlock + Standalone GPS tracker with rechargeable (12000 mAh) Lithium battery. JT701 of Jointech is a design solution for mobile asset GPS tracking that required safety the 24 hours a day.

The GPS padlock Jointech JT701 sends position data by time intervals and can send this information via TCP protocol to a Tracking Management Platform from where you can control hours of service of your high value mobile asset without requirement limits, event management with different scheduled reports. JT701 of Jointech can unlock through remote password or RFID, these two functions increase the safety and mobile asset GPS control in real-time in their automatic dispatch. In addition of unlock by remote password or RFID, you can configure the follows SMS alerts in your Jointech JT701 Standalone GPS tracker that receive in a mobile phone: (sabotage alert, asset movement on service routes or deliveries tasks alert, unlock alert, incorrect password alert, geofence alert), JT701 send a SMS each time that active one of these alerts. JT701 of Jointech is one of great alternatives for GPS Container tracking in real-time that actually is available on the market. Another big feature of Jointech JT701 design, is his plastic case with IP65 protection (Waterproof), this function help to locate your mobile asset in field service management control with any type of wheatear condition, JT701 can be use an REST API to connect existing applications.

Additional Info

  • Brand: Jointech
  • Model: JT701
  • Target Market: Track & Trace, Vehicle recovery, Fleet Management
  • GSM band: Triple band
  • Voice: No
  • Back up Battery: Yes
  • Internal Memory: Yes
  • Communication method: TCP, 3G, SMS
  • Position by: Time
  • Sleep mode: Yes
  • Internal events based: Yes
  • Antennas: GPS internal, GSM internal
  • Casing: Plastic with IP65 protection
  • Made in: China