Teltonika FMB140 GPS asset tracker with (Bluetooth/Can Bus)

Teltonika FMB140 GPS asset trackerTeltonika FMB140 is a GPS asset tracker for telematics fleet management. Through the (Bluetooth 4.0 + LE) connectivity of FMB140 GPS tracker you can connect the follow external peripherical: (temperature and humidity sensor, headset, OBDII, Inateck barcode scanner, universal BLE sensors), when you connect any of these peripherical to Teltonika tracker you improve the default features of FMB140.

With Teltonika FMB140 can cover different requirements for telematics fleet management, thanks to that FMB140 can reading the follow data directly from the asset/vehicle "Can Bus": (fuel level, total fuel consumption, vehicle speed (wheel), vehicle driven distance, engine RPM, accelerator pedal position), if you acquire the "LV-CAN200 or ALL-CAN300" accessories that offers Teltonika, you can dispose of more telematics data extract from "Can Bus". FMB140 GPS asset tracker can manage the follow scenarios to increase the "driving control" of your mobile asset/vehicle: (green driving, over speeding detection, jamming detection, GNSS fuel counter, excessive idling detection, immobilizer, iButton read notification, unplug detection, towing detection, crash detection, geofences, trip detection), in addition the ignition detection of Teltonika tracker offers 4 options of different detection (digital input 1, accelerometer, external power voltage, engine RPM). You can config Teltonika FMB140 using the Teltonika configurator software via (USB or Bluetooth) or can parameters change through SMS messages, FMB140 offer 3 different GPS tracking modes: (from the Teltonika server, using an external tracking management platform, sending commands with SMS text messages). Teltonika has integrate on FMB140 GPS tracker the "1-Wire" interface that allow to manage the (driver identification) with iButton avoiding the unauthorized driving or connect external temperature sensors. Thanks to (OTA - Over the Air) function, you can firmware update of FMB140 GPS asset tracker remotely without uninstall FMB140 of your asset/vehicle.

Additional Info

  • Brand: Teltonika
  • Model: FMB140
  • Target Market: Track & Trace, Vehicle recovery, Fleet Management
  • Bluetooth band: Bluetooth 4.0
  • GSM band: GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Voice: No
  • Back up Battery: Yes
  • Internal Memory: Yes
  • Communication method: TCP, Bluetooth, SMS
  • Position by: Time, Distance, Angle change
  • Sleep mode: Yes
  • Digital Inputs: 3
  • Pre-defined inputs: Ignition
  • Analogue Inputs: 2
  • Internal events based: Yes
  • Antennas: GNSS internal, Embedded cellular antenna
  • Casing: Plastic
  • Extra Connectivity: Fuel Sensors, Temp Sensors, Driver ID, 1-wire, Mini USB port, Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Mode, Wire harness
  • Can Bus: J1939, Extended
  • Made in: Europe