Teltonika FM1204 GPS Asset and Vehicle Tracker

Teltonika FM1204 GPS Asset and Vehicle TrackerTeltonika FM1204 GPS Asset Trackers or GPS vehicle tracking, with plastic cover IP67 (Waterproof GPS) and internal Li-Poly 1800 mAh backup battery. If you register the FM1204 GPS tracker within a Tracking Management Platform via Web, can track real-time mobile asset or vehicle having installed the device 24 hours of service a day.

Teltonika FM1204 GPS also can be located periodically with sending SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone, you can receive information when the device generates a new event or digital input / output is activated. To ensure that your mobile assets or vehicles are driven properly FM1204 GPS tracker has 4 scenarios for Driving control: over speeding (secure driver and prevent penalties) scenario, immobilizer function scenario, authorized driving (for Driver identification with iButton key) scenario and trip start and end route detection scenario. With Teltonika FM1204 GPS tracker can change your settings or update the firmware via cable or sending OTA commands, if you use OTA commands can reduce maintenance costs in their mobile assets or vehicles. The interfaces for connecting external peripherals in FM1204 GPS tracker are: 3 digital inputs (1 reserved for ignition), 1 analog input, 2 digital outputs with open collector, 1-Wire protocol (for Driver identification or connect temperature sensor) and 1 USB port. In addition Teltonika FM1204 includes GSM/GPS/GLONASS internal antennas device easy to install on any type of asset or vehicle that needs to be located.

Additional Info

  • Brand: Teltonika
  • Model: FM1204
  • Target Market: Track & Trace, Vehicle recovery, Fleet Management, Telematics
  • GSM band: Full quadband
  • Voice: No
  • Back up Battery: Yes
  • Internal Memory: Yes
  • Communication method: GPRS, TCP, UDP
  • Position by: Time, Distance, Angle change
  • Sleep mode: Yes
  • Digital Inputs: 3
  • Pre-defined inputs: Ignition
  • Analogue Inputs: 1
  • Internal events based: Yes
  • Antennas: GSM internal, GNSS internal
  • Casing: Plastic enclose IP67 (Waterproof GPS)
  • Extra Connectivity: Temp Sensors, Driver ID, 1-wire, USB port, Wire harness
  • Made in: Europe