EMS Global Tracking - TAM 212The TAM-212 solution provides global asset tracking for mobile assets control such as trailers, containers, tanks and railcars. This slim line terminal has an integral long life replaceable battery and is therefore perfect for deployment where there is no external power source.

EMS Global Tracking - SAT 202The SAT-202 is a compact, single piece unit, which provides a low data rate service. It has an integral 50 channel 3D GPS receiver and provides three inputs for sensor monitoring and one low-voltage digital output suitable for driving relays and indicators, all of which are user configurable. The data-logging functions include GPS positions of their field service management, transmissions and data for more than 6,500 entries of your service routes or deliveries tasks. The SAT-202 provides accurate, reliable and low cost satellite communications for tracking, rapid alerting and mobile asset management in security and other mission-critical applications.

Globalstar MMT Satellite Based GPS TrackerGlobalstar MMT is a Satellite Based GPS Tracker, is a totally wireless device that combines the latest Globalstar Simplex satellite. MMT is a Standalone GPS and RF technologies with innovative battery design to deliver a "place-and-play", long service life solution for their field service management. Globalstar MMT can by controlled the hours of service of their service routes or deliveries tasks from a Tracking Management Platform and need satellite data plan to send info to the server.

NAL SHOUT nano Satellite Based GPS TrackerNAL SHOUT nano is our second-generation handheld Satellite based GPS tracker and messaging device. SHOUT nano it is about 45% smaller than then the SHOUT and weighs half as much while retaining all the functions and features of the NAL SHOUT. NAL SHOUT nano has a high resolution color LCD with menu options displayed as icons instead of line-text, SHOUT nano can by controlled in real-time from a Tracking Management Platform.

Tangerine TG301 Satellite Based GPS TrackerThe Tangerine TG301 is a Satellite based GPS tracker, has features that make it unique in the market. TG301 Generate: self-reports by time, distance or events, proprietary signaling smartracking allowing questioning from the Tracking Management Platform by optimizing the use of the GSM / GPRS which means a lower cost air time on the same network. Tangerine TG301 is ideal for Fleet Management solutions and Vehicle GPS tracking.

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