Suntech ST 210 GPS Tracker

Suntech ST 210 GPS TrackerSuntech ST 210, by using GPS and GPRS technology, receives and sends vehicle location to the Tracking Management Platform, so that your customers can track the vehicle on real time of your service routes or deliveries tasks. Further, by using Geo-fencing service for field service management control, you can make and events of their automatic vehicle dispatch with alert available if the vehicle is driven outside the pre-set zone. It is allowing your customer to stay in comfort without worry about the vehicle being stolen.

Additional Info

  • Brand: Suntech
  • Model: ST 210
  • Target Market: Track & Trace, Vehicle recovery, Fleet Management, In-car navigation
  • GSM band: Full quadband
  • Voice: Yes
  • Back up Battery: Yes
  • Internal Memory: Yes
  • Communication method: GSM, GPRS
  • Position by: Time, Distance
  • Sleep mode: Yes
  • Digital Inputs: >4
  • Pre-defined inputs: Ignition
  • Internal events based: Yes
  • Antennas: GPS, GSM internal
  • Casing: Plastic
  • Extra Connectivity: Fix antennas, Microphone / Speaker, Serial Port
  • Made in: South Korea