CalAmp LMU-2000 OBDII GPS Tracker

CalAmp LMU-2000 OBDII GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-2000 GPS Vehicle Trackers or for Fleet Management solutions, which connects directly to the OBDII port without connecting cables. LMU-2000 will reduce installation costs in its fleet from day one because it is a Plug and Play GPS tracker.

CalAmp LMU-2000 is designed for Driving control and will deliver speed reports, reports of sudden braking, speeding reports and reports by sharp turns. To manage all these reports will have to register LMU-2000 into a Tracking Management Platform via Web and if you only need to know the latest position of the device or a change of event, you can schedule sending SMS to receive on a mobile phone. CalAmp LMU-2000 OBDII tracker can communicate via cellular networks GPRS/EDGE/HSPA/CDMA 1xRTT and can store up to 20000 positions in its internal memory.

Additional Info

  • Brand: CalAmp
  • Model: LMU-2000
  • Target Market: Track & Trace, Vehicle recovery, Fleet Management, Telematics, In-car navigation
  • CDMA band: CDMA 1xRTT
  • GSM band: Full quadband
  • HSPA/UMTS band: All bands
  • Voice: No
  • Back up Battery: Yes
  • Internal Memory: Yes
  • Communication method: GPRS, UDP
  • Position by: Time, Distance, Angle change
  • Sleep mode: Yes
  • Pre-defined inputs: Ignition
  • Internal events based: Yes
  • Antennas: GPS internal, GSM internal
  • Casing: Plastic
  • Extra Connectivity: Garmin FMI, TTlL port, OBDII port
  • Made in: USA