Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

In recent years, Alarm Receiving Centers have diversified control of mobile assets using GPS trackers to control vehicles and personnel.
Global AVL has continued to respond to this context of change and adaptation by providing unique capabilities to this sector in order to be able to increase the level of service in the location, monitoring and recovery of vehicles. We have developed a concept of work that, from a single software solution, permits the management of control units, alert management and recovery of vehicles, leaving a record of every step in the history of protocols completed by each operator to allow for a constant supervision.

The functionality described below is supplemented with the integration of software protocols for Alarm Receiving Centers, such as simple Contact ID systems or complex solutions like Mastermind or Softguard.

  • Operator panel alarms
  • Action Protocols
  • Real time reception of customized alarms
  • External notifications via email or SMS
  • Integration of software protocols for alarm receiving centers
  • Accident case histories
  • Possibility of visualization of all vehicles on one screen (up to 15,000)
  • Different levels of access and monitoring
  • Account histories