Specific features for the carrier

The transportation industry must face a continuous reduction of costs which implies a need for comprehensive real-time information from both geolocated units and the drivers who use them. That is why we at Global AVL have included specific functionality in our mobile assets tracking software that allows for constant control of both values.

The most relevant functionality for the transportation sector:

  • Identification of drivers
  • Control of fuel levels and consumption
  • Alerts for theft or sudden fuel loss
  • Control of multiple fuel tanks
  • Emission control
  • Maintenance control
  • Vehicle diagnostic control
  • CANBUS FM data processing, 1708 & 1939
  • OBD II data processing in light vehicles
  • OBD II data processing in light vehicles
  • Control of charging temperature
  • Control of driving habits
  • Specific reports
  • Remote processing and downloading of tachograph data (*)
  • Forwarding of data in MDT terminals