Automatic Data Sending

You receive the data that you require to work locally in a simple and discretionary way.

Automatic data sending with forwarding push service

In response to ongoing local storage requirements of received and processed data, we offer our customers the opportunity to have all positions received by their trackers in real time.

This service called 'Global AVL PUSH', is a powerful tool that sends real time information to external servers without any limitation in terms of the amount or frequency of data sent.

Having local information allows our customers to implement 'business intelligence' tasks, integrating this information with other management data different from geo-location. Through the information forwarding service 'PUSH', they can also receive events generated by the software itself, providing endless management possibilities.

What kind of benefits can you obtain when using our PUSH service?

  • One-way communication of data
  • Local storage of information
  • Fulfilling local regulations
  • Externally controlled events and variables
  • Generate ad-hoc reports

Internal development of the PUSH forwarding system is ongoing and will include all new features in the LBS Tracking Software added to the service without generating any additional costs.

Forwarding data system push