Management, Control and Monitoring of Vehicle Fleets or Mobile Assets

Telematic solutions for vehicle fleet management services companies using GPS locators, IoT devices.

Management, Control and Monitoring of Vehicle Fleets

Exclusively for integrating companies.

At Global AVL we only develop for integrating companies and service providers. You will never see our solution working on any end user, no matter how large their fleet may be. You get to see your brand on the most powerful GPS vehicle location platform and have access to a vast number of telematic solutions all in the same place.

Our Experience with your Brand

In addition to having a vehicle and mobile asset tracking platform, you will have access to years of experience in the continuous development of telematic solutions. The key to our success lies in our ability to turn customers into technology partners.

Don't depend on GPS locators

Be free to work with the right GPS devices on every project. We have over 500 models of integrated devices and the number keeps on growing. Request new GPS locator integrations at no cost.
Our Experience with your Brand
Change your provider in fleet management

Easily Change Your Provider

Are you thinking of changing your provider? Contact Us Our support team will lay out every last step that your users need to take in order to adapt to new content without any fear of losing functionality or data.

A versatile and intuitive fleet location and management software

Specifically developed to offer solutions to requirements of:

  • Vehicle monitoring: A wide series of specific functions for vehicle monitoring, prevention of misuse of units, control of work shifts or control of maintenance operations for each vehicle.
  • Tracking and Recovery: Panels specially designed for stolen vehicle recovery activities, alert management and a series of connectors that have integrated alarm control center software that will enhance your security applications.
  • Telematic data control: Reduce the operating costs of your fleet with analytical reports on the type of driving, rankings of custom drivers or fuel consumption. Increase both the productivity of your fleet and the safety of drivers.
  • Logistics: Count on a wide range of solutions to control deliveries, routes, deliveries, and above all, constant and real-time interaction with drivers.
Versatile and intuitive fleet management tracking software