White-label GPS tracking software platform

White-label GPS tracking software

Global AVL provides a platform for real-time location with a "white label" that allows you to offer your customers LBS services (Location Based Services) immediately to further enhance the image of your company.

Characteristics such as corporate image, company colors, logo, brand and subdomain are the main features that not only increase the quality of service with a GPS location software that customers identify as their own, but also can differentiate themselves from their competitors quickly and effectively in a permanent way.

Differentiation from competitors in the market will allow your company to focus on business efforts, increase the quality of after-sales support, and count on all the progress and improvements of our developments without having to worry about additional investments for server maintenance or the compatibility of new GPS trackers.

Global AVL has at your service all our experience in developing real time location solutions and solutions to mobility control requirements at a monthly, continuous, and controllable cost.

Three reasons why a White label tracking system in real time is the best option:

  • No investment required. Improvement costs: 'SaaS' (Software as a Service) Mode provides in our location services an intermediate solution that allows for a real-time location solution immediately without the need for investment in software development.
  • Immediate income: you will benefit from the first customer signed up for the service.
  • Customer loyalty: Addition of value to your services, directly increasing the commercial fidelity of your customer base. Cost control in a fixed and predictable way also permits the control of the final price of your services, concentrating efforts in business activity and, most importantly, for your customers this location platform will be your direct service.


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