API for 3rd. party software connections

Why hold back the data generated by GPS Geo Location Software? Isn't it better to open channels of communication so that there is a flow of data between our software and any other business management application, accounting, human resources or even the management of fleet costs?

Under this philosophy we have developed a powerful API (Application Programming Interface) allowing you to not only interact with applications you already use but also develop your own programs if needed.

We know that the important thing in this business is the data and we are convinced that this flexibility in information management is the key to success in today's businesses.

This API is not limited to our customers but is also extended to end user companies that need it, thereby giving greater commercial brand loyalty to our customers.

What kind of benefits can you obtain by using our API?

  • Two-way alternate data communication
  • Share information
  • Automatically control events and variables
  • Automate any type of high entity processes
  • Generate ad-hoc reports

Internal development of the PUSH forwarding system is ongoing and will include all new features added to the service without generating any additional costs.