Eco Driving - Efficient Driving

Real-time driving style control and their relation to fuel consumption.

Eco Driving - Efficient Driving

Controlled costs and sustainable driving.

Have a series of tools at your disposal that will allow you to monitor driving habits in real time and how they affect fuel costs, vehicle maintenance and Co2 emissions.
The eco-driving module allows you to have driving rankings grouped by drivers or types of vehicles in order to carry out a better safety and economy analysis concerning the fleet.
Each of the control parameters can be assigned individually or according to the type of vehicles; being one of the most flexible and informative solutions.

Control Events and Analyzed Information

The real-time control parameters depend on the type of transport activity to be carried out and that is why we have an interface that allows each fleet manager to select their own events and assign the relevance level that needs to be understood. Primarily, the parameters to analyze in an efficient way are the following:

  • Fuel Consumption per 100km
  • Distance Travelled
  • Stop or Idle Times
  • Compliance with Assigned Routes
  • Aggressive Driving Events
  • Abrupt Braking
  • Realized Number of Journeys
  • Driving Periods
  • Excess Speed
Control events in the efficient driving