Management and Fuel consumption control in fleet

Fuel control is one of the fundamental pillars in fleet management, cost control and resource optimization.

Fuel Control

This is how we understand it and that is why we have developed a wide range of unique management information and control solutions that allow you to easily and effectively know when fuel is needed. You are also alerted in the event that there are fuel theft events or simply if there is an inadequate amount of fuel usage.

Fuel Consumption and Level Control

Our users have all the available options to measure the level of existing fuel in real time in one or up to three tanks per vehicle simultaneously and individually or gathered up together.

  • Mechanical Fuel Probes
  • Ultrasound Sensors
  • OBD II Data Readings
  • CANBUS Data Readings
  • Virtual Estimates by Consumption
Fuel Consumption and Level Control
Business events available to optimize fuel control

Business events available to optimize fuel control in the vehicle fleet

We generate events in real time to give us immediate reaction alerts from fleet managers and historical data analytical events that allow for a more complete analysis. This allows us to automatically detect fuel loads or thefts and at the same time allows us to create efficient driver rankings. These events are adapted to the reality that our experience provides us by showing us the most diverse cases of usage, which is why we are able to also detect these events in vehicles in motion, stopped or those that do not send information in real time.

  • Fuel Refilling Events
  • Unauthorized Fuel Discharging Events
  • High Levels of Fuel Consumption while in Movement
  • High Fuel Consumption while Idling
  • Manual Load Control Through Automated Forms

Specific Reports and Informative Dashboards

We offer a wide series of specific reports to control vehicle fleet fuel usage, as well as the detection of unauthorized refills or discharges of fuel and, of course, we generate driver rankings that allow an education on the best way to drive to increase efficiency.

  • Fuel Consumption Report by Routes
  • Fuel Consumption Report by Tank
  • Fuel Refill or Discharging Event Reports
  • Recharge Report by Driver
  • Vehicle Details and Consumption Average
  • Fleet Dashboards
Specific Reports and Informative Dashboards