A Powerful Tool for Logistics Operations

The new logistics module combines the possibility of creating service routes, deliveries, dispatch or compliance rounds with a new driver profile that allows for work orders' reception and their immediate follow-up.

Logistics module for creating routes and services

As service operators, you can create jobs or routes to be carried out by fleet vehicles and define where each route starts and ends, along with the points you must visit in the established order and schedule.
From this task configuration which is ordered in time, the operator will be able to track the progress of their planned routes in real time and assign field tasks to drivers immediately and efficiently.

Drivers will receive the associated routes on their smartphones when they are created on their behalf. They are therefore able to plan their day or week according to their associated vehicles and with the same mobile application they will be able to operate the actions required to certify their deliveries, delivery notes or take photos of an occasional incident.

The flexibility and experience used in the development of this module makes it the ideal solution for fleets of almost any type of activity where the provision of services to end customers is required.

Greater Functionality, More Usability.

We have expanded the available functionality to be able to incorporate more types of service fleets as logistic module customer users. Among the most important changes we can highlight:

  • A new driver profile that will receive your tasks on your own smartphone
  • Being able to start and end a delivery route without transit points
  • Flexible points calculation of arrival and departure times
  • The new planned routes' status without being assigned to vehicles
  • Real-time alerts and events by transit points
  • Drivers being assigned tasks at any point on the route
  • Field forms for loading delivery notes, remittances or images
Logistics module greater functionality