Events orientated to each clients' activity

Control the events generated by the GPS devices and add the needs of each fleet layer by layer to make this functionality unique.

Vehicle event management

Individual Events, Alerts and Notifications for Each Vehicle

We have brought event management to a level of detail and efficiency that is difficult to compare. By default, we process all the events generated by the GPS locators and allow both the fleet managers, our clients and the end users to create their own tiered rational decisions according to their needs.

By doing so, the same event can take on different meanings for each service participant without needing to share information. This is how any event of failure or malfunction in the device can serve for the service provider to correct the incident without the user perceiving it as a problem.

These individual business layers can be further enhanced by adding notifications via the fleet management service platform, email alerts, or SMS messaging.
These events can be generated by the device, its accessories or connected sensors and of course logical decisions specific to the use given to the vehicle fleet.