GPRS S8.3 GPS Tracker integration of Albatross System brand, is ideal for vehicle and Fleet Management solutions. Albatross System GPRS S8.3 is the ideal choice for companies that need telemetry data and detailed reports from the Can Bus of the vehicles in its fleet, GPRS S8.3 currently supports more than 550 vehicle models in which you can extract different Can Bus data and send the data to a Tracking Management Platform to process them and interpret them in different formats or graphics.

Albatross System GPRS S8.3 GPS TrackerAlbatross System GPRS S8.3 GPS Vehicle or Fleet Management tracker with telematic reports taken directly from the Can Bus standards (J1939/J1708/J1587/FMS/OBDII). The GPS tarcker GPRS S8.3 ImmoDALLAS technology with that for active vehicle safety of the outputs to detect the absence of a Driver identification by RFID.

Albatross S1-I GPS Trackers integration of Albatross System brand, ideal for Fleet Management solutions and vehicle tracking. Albatross S1-I can send GPRS data packet to a Tracking Management Platform or send SMS alerts to a predefined mobile phone.

Finished integration of the device Albatross GPRS 6 of the brand Albatross System. The Albatross GPRS 6 used in control and fleet management.

Albatross S1-I GPS TrackerAlbatross S1-I is a GPS Vehicle Tracker manufactured by Albatross System, Albatross S1-I is one of the few devices on the market with built-in industrial GSM modem. Quad-band GSM device with external antenna GSM / GPS, AlbatrossS1-I is used for control and monitoring of vehicles.

Albatross GPRS 6 GPS TrackerAlbatross GPRS 6 is a GPS Vehicle Tracker manufactured by Albatross System, the module is built on the basis of modem Wavecom Q2687 and is used to collect and send information about events in vehicles using GPRS and SMS. The big advantage of the module is remote possibility of reprogramming through GPRS.