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ATrack AT5i GPS vehicle tracker for fleet managementATrack AT5i is a GPS vehicle tracker for telematic fleet management. AT5i allows setup up to 65 (Virtual geofences - circular, rectangular, polygonal - for service routes or deliveries tasks) with the that improve the safety in your daily fleet management.

AL1 vehicle GPS tracker integration of the ATrack brand. Dispose of (OTA - Over the Air) function that allows firmware update or change the config of ATrack AL1 tracker remotely, you don´t need uninstall AL1 of your vehicle.

ATrack AL1 GPS vehicle tracker for telematics fleet managementATrack AL1 is a GPS vehicle tracker for telematics fleet management. AL1 integrate a 1-Wire interface that allows connect external hardware: (trailer ID, different iButtons, temperature sensor to control the vehicle temperature in real-time).

AX11 GPS tracker integration with direct connection to OBDII port of ATrack brand. ATrack AX11 OBDII tracker allows connect through his (1-Wire) interface the follows external devices: (a external temperature sensor for vehicle temperature management, install a panic button, use some iButtons).

ATrack AX11 GPS vehicle tracker with OBDII interfaceATrack AX11 is a GPS vehicle tracker with OBDII (J1939/J1708) interface. AX11 is compatible with various vehicles that dispose of a OBDII port to connect in (plug and play) mode the ATrack tracker without connect external wires.

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