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Finished integration of Satellite based GPS tracker model AXTracker of Bigmate brand. The Bigmate AXTracker is ideal for GPS tracking any type of mobile assets of great value in service routes or deliveries tasks and in their field service management, AXTracker reduce maintenance costs from the first position in their automatic vehicle dispatch, it is a Standalone GPS device with long battery life and IP67 (Waterproof GPS), with AXTracker you can manage some scheduled reports.

Bigmate AXTracker Satellite Based GPS TrackerBigmate AXTracker is a Satellite Based GPS Tracker for GPS tracking mobile assets on service routes or deliveries tasks, with internal lithium battery can last up to 7 years with 2 satellite messages per day. AXTracker is a Standalone GPS with plastic housing with IP67 (Waterproof GPS) with 2 digital inputs that allow you to set alarms and can be updated via OTA with a handheld PDA.