Bicycles GPS tracker

Concox ET25 Bicycles GPS tracker for solutions of (Bike sharing)Concox ET25 is a Bicycles GPS tracker with (100mAh/3.7v) backup battery for solutions of (Bike sharing). ET25 GPS device of Concox can be used in requirements for GPS Asset Tracking (vehicles, electronic vehicles, heavy machines).

Bicycles GPS tracker integration BL10 model of Concox brand for Bike sharing solutions in GPS padlock format. Concox BL10 is a Standalone GPS able up to 45 days, thank for own 10000mAh battery and allowing remote updates via OTA (Over-the-Air).

Concox BL10 Bicycles GPS tracker in GPS padlock format for Bike-sharingConcox BL10 is a Bicycles GPS tracker in (GPS padlock) format for Bike-sharing solutions. The bicycle GPS padlock BL10 can by unlocked for the users using a QR code, SMS, GPRS or via Bluetooth.

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