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Finished integration of GPS Asset Trackers model LMU-1175 of the CalAmp brand. The GPS tracker CalAmp LMU-1175 is tracked within a Tracking Management Platform, where the scheduled reports sent by the device via UDP are received and control the field service management or their fuel consumption control.

CalAmp LMU-1175 Asset and Vehicle GPS TrackerCalAmp LMU-1175 GPS Asset Trackers with plastic cover IP66 protection which makes it a Waterproof GPS and it has a battery backup to ensure its location in service routes or deliveries tasks. LMU-1175 can be used for GPS Fleet Management and vehicle tracking or any valuable asset and real-time hours of service control with field service management control or the automatic vehicle dispatch has to be done within a Tracking Management Platform with their fuel consumption control where all Scheduled Reports and events sent by the device are received via UDP.