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TTU-2840 XTREME GPS Tracker integration of CalAmp brand. You can use CalAmp TTU-2840 XTREME for both asset tracking or GPS vehicle location and this GPS tracker allows you to install with connection cables to the battery-vehicle active or use it only with the internal lithium battery and thus TTU-2840 XTREME becomes on a Standalone GPS.

CalAmp TTU-2840 XTREME GPS TrackerCalAmp TTU-2840 XTREME GPS Asset Trackers which it allows to be located in real-time within a Tracking Management Platform or scheduled SMS alerts to receive on a phone. TTU-2840 XTREME is not just a GPS tracker mobile assets, is a good alternative for GPS vehicle tracking and for the safety of its fleet you have the function of Driver identification, invalidating the driving of vehicles if an authorized ID is not inserted.