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CalAmp LMU-1230 Weatherproof GPS asset-vehicle trackerCalAmp LMU-1230 Weatherproof is a GPS tracker for asset and vehicle GPS tracking. CalAmp designed the plastic case of LMU-1230 Weatherproof with (IP67 - Waterproof) certification, you can continue working in the GPS tracking of your asset or vehicle in the field service management control and in their automatic vehicle dispatch with extreme weather conditions.

TTU-730 GPS mobile asset tracker integration of CalAmp brand. With CalAmp TTU-730 GPS tracker you can save costs in technical services using the (OTA - Over the Air) function, with the OTA function you can change configuration or firmware update remotely.

CalAmp TTU-730 GPS mobile asset tracker for GPS container trackingCalAmp TTU-730 is a GPS mobile asset tracker for GPS container tracking. The Lithium battery of TTU-730 Standalone GPS tracker of CalAmp can send up to 5000 messages with GPS position, the battery is replaceable and don´t is possible charge.

CalAmp MDT-7P is an Android GPS Tracker in Tablet format for commercial Fleet Management. Thanks to integrated high gain GPS receiver the CalAmp MDT-7P Android GPS Tracker, can obtain GPS fix faster and if you control MDT-7P from an online service that may have European regulations of tachograph, can see better the positions in the map.

CalAmp MDT-7P (Lollipop) Android GPS Tracker for commercial Fleet ManagementCalAmp MDT-7P is a (Lollipop) Android GPS Tracker for commercial Fleet Management. The MDT-7P Standalone GPS has a rechargeable backup battery (3,7V/4300mAh) that can work up to 5 hours of service, is ideal for Fleet Management control and drivers’ control in your field service management or their automatic vehicle dispatch.

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