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AK11 (3G/4G) vehicle GPS tracker integration of ATrack brand. ATrack AK11 tracker can be compatible with (Bluetooth BLE 4.1), you need acquire an extra option for that running the Bluetooth connectivity and you can connect different types of external devices.

ATrack AK11 GPS vehicle tracker for telematics fleet managementATrack AK11 is a GPS vehicle tracker for telematics fleet management. In addition of data transfer in the 3G/4G networks, AK11 tracker has (Wi-Fi 2.4GHz) and allow connecting different external devices through the Wi-Fi network.

AK7V GPS tracker integration with microphone / speaker for two-way communication of Atrack brand. With ATrack AK7V can cover different types of requirements for GPS vehicle tracking or telematics fleet management in real-time with automatic vehicle dispatch.

ATrack AK7V GPS tracker with microphone / speakerATrack AK7V is a GPS tracker with microphone / speaker (two-way audio communication) for GPS vehicle tracking. If acquire the additional accessory ATrack AC3R your AK7V GPS vehicle tracker can extract telematics data from (Can Bus - OBDII/J1939/J1708/digital tachograph) of your vehicle and send these data to an online GPS service.

CAN module integration for fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking of Albatross System brand. With Albatross System CAN module can increase the telematics data in your fleet management thanks to that extract of vehicle Can Bus the follow information: (instantaneous fuel consumption, engine torque, engine speed, pressure on the 4 axles, engine oil and coolant temperature, total engine running time, total drive time, pressure on the gas pedal, total fuel consumption, fuel level, engine RPM, vehicle millage, engine conditions, ignition signal, etc...).

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