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GV55VC GPS tracker integration of Queclink brand, used for vehicle tracking and Fleet Management solutions. With the Queclink GV55VC GPS tracker can do real-time monitoring of its fleet within a Tracking Management Platform via Web.

Queclink GV55VC GPS Vehicle and Fleet Management TrackerQueclink GV55VC GPS Vehicle Trackers or for Fleet Management monitoring, with a dual-band module CDMA2000 1xRTT and internals CDMA/GPS antennas for easy installation. GV55VC can be located periodically in a Tracking Management Platform via Web, where performs real-time tracking of your vehicle 24 hours a day without limits requirements.

Queclink GL300VC GPS TrackerQueclink GL300VC GPS Asset Trackers with plastic cover IPX5 (Waterproof GPS) and he sent emergency alarm or geo-fences pressing the Panic button. GL300VC is a GPS tracker CDMA2000 1xRTT dual band 800/1900 MHz frequencies, which it may be tracked in real time or periodically using a Tracking Management Platform via Web.