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Cellocator CR200 GPS TrackerCellocator CR200 is a compact size entry level device for Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery applications in their service routes or deliveries tasks. Cellocator CR200 location can be monitored in real-time with hours of service control from a Tracking Management Platform.

Pointer - Cellocator Cello-FPointer Cellocator Cello-F (Fleet Management) is one of the first two new members of this family of products which was designed to complement the Compact family, and provide enhanced features and functionality. Full backward compatibility is maintained in order to avoid the need of adaptation on the customer’s side.

Pointer - Cellocator Compact Fleet GPS TrackerThe Pointer Cellocator Compact Fleet is an innovative integrated Fleet Management unit with superior location, tracking, Driving control reports, logging, and security capabilities. Its singularly compact size makes it ideal for covert installation to avoid detection and tampering.

Pointer - CellotrackThe Cellocator™ CelloTrack is a small and Standalone GPS tracking device for mobile assets and assets without a power supply. CelloTrack product lines, designed for advanced asset tracking in service routes or deliveries tasks and location based applications, provide enhanced functionality very easy installation and a wide range of applications catered.

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