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XT3100 GPS tracker integration + IoT communication Gateway of the Xirgo Technologies brand. Xirgo Technologies XT3100 tracker can be used in different scenarios of GPS tracking such as: (mobile asset tracking, vehicle tracking, GPS container tracking, trailers tracking), ideal for IoT telematics solutions in field service management control.

Xirgo Technologies XT3100 GPS tracker and IoT communication GatewayXirgo Technologies XT3100 is a GPS tracker and IoT communication Gateway for asset tracking. XT3100 (XirgoVision) allows connect different external peripherical through (Bluetooth), contact with Xirgo Technologies company to know that external devices are compatible with XT3100.

Integration ERM eCyber is an Anti-ransomware solution and secure Communication Gateway. The ERM Electronic System eCyber Cyber-attacks protector protect your vehicle of any ciber-attack and act such as Communication Gateway blocking the cyber-attacks.

ERM eCyber Anti-ransomware solution and Communication Gateway for Can BusERM eCyber is an Anti-ransomware solution and secure Communication Gateway for protect the external communications to Can Bus. The ERM eCyber Anti-ransomware solution designed for the GPS Vehicle tracking or the automatic vehicle dispatch, is installed between a device of external communication and the vehicle Can Bus.

CalAmp LMU-4233 Communication Gateway integration for telematics Fleet Management. With the 1-Wire interface of CalAmp LMU-4233 Communication Gateway you can manage the (Driver identification) in their automatic vehicle dispatch or connect a Temperature sense.

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