DCT Syrus TITAN Standalone GPS tracker integration with rechargeable Lithium battery for GPS Asset Tracking. You can change configuration parameters on Syrus TITAN Standalone GPS device of DCT through the system that offer DCT called (Pegasus Gateway).

DCT Syrus TITAN Standalone GPS tracker with rechargeable battery for GPS Asset TrackingDCT Syrus TITAN is a Standalone GPS tracker with rechargeable 2000mAh battery for GPS Asset Tracking. With Syrus TITAN GPS device of DCT you can update firmware or change configuration parameters via OTA (Over the Air) and this function help to reduce costs in technical service.

DCT Syrus 3G Bluetooth GPS tracker integration that sent data in the (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA) networks for Fleet Management. With Syrus 3G Bluetooth of DCT and the advanced OTA (Over the Air) configuration function, you can change parameters or firmware update of Syrus 3G Bluetooth device in remote way without uninstall.

DCT Syrus 3G Bluetooth (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA) GPS tracker for Fleet ManagementDCT Syrus 3G Bluetooth is a GPS tracker that sent data in (GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA) networks for Fleet Management. Syrus 3G Bluetooth of DCT is a Waterproof GPS device with IP65 protection in his plastic cover, ideal for Fleet Management in extreme weather conditions.

Syrus Cloud-Connect GPS tracker integration of DCT brand, used in asset tracking or Fleet Management solutions. DCT Syrus Cloud-Connect GPS tracker can manage Driving control through the following reports by: lateral acceleration, 3D spatial awareness, tilt monitoring, towing alert, acceleration backlog for accident reconstruction and driving metrics performance.

DCT Syrus Cloud-Connect GPS Asset and Fleet Management TrackerDCT Syrus Cloud-Connect GPS Asset Trackers or IoT / M2M solutions in Fleet Management. Syrus Cloud-Connect GPS tracker can send data to a Tracking Management Platform outside the service offered by DCT called Pegasus Gateway and from this external service can track real-time asset-fleet.

Syrus TT GPS tracker integration of DCT brand, with rechargeable Li-Ion battery making it an Standalone GPS capable of delivering up to 259 days of autonomy ideal for asset tracking solutions. DCT Syrus TT GPS tracker has a polycarbonate housing (Waterproof) with IP67 certification, ideal for asset tracking or fleets operating in adverse weather conditions and integrates a quad-band GSM/GPRS modem.

DCT Syrus TT GPS Asset TrackerDCT Syrus TT GPS Asset Trackers with polycarbonate housing (IP67 certification Waterproof GPS). Syrus TT GPS tracker can be tracked in real-time within an external Tracking Management Platform or use in the Pegasus Gateway and M2M CloudConnect services DCT offers.

Syrus 3G GPS tracker integration of DCT brand, used for high-value asset tracking or Fleet Management solutions. DCT Syrus 3G GPS tracker protects assets or vehicles with polycarbonate shell IP65 (Waterproof GPS) and with backup battery provides up to 10 days of autonomy.

DCT Syrus 3G GPS Asset and Fleet Management TrackerDCT Syrus 3G GPS Asset Trackers or telematics solutions in Fleet Management. The real-time tracking of Syrus 3G GPS tracker is made within a Tracking Management Platform via Web where you can have diagnostic, reports and events generated by the tracker 24 hours a day.

Finished integration of GPS Personal Trackers model e-Track of DCT brand. The GPS tracker DCT e-Track also used for tracking people, can serve for the GPS location of mobile assets. e-Track can be located in real time within a Tracking Management Platform or using by SMS messages and SMS alerts.

Through this hybrid GPS integration between the DCT Syrus GPS trackers and GPS trackers Skywave IDP series, we get a merger and increase the chances of generating events or sent information extracted from the DCT and Skywave devices.

DCT Pegasus Gateway it is a Cloud based software able to interact with many scalable features GPS tracker DCT Syrus and act as a Communication Gateway telematic or geo-location data. Pegasus Gateway provides you with different development tools with which you can create applications and M2M solutions, based on data extracted from Syrus GPS tracker. For professional integrators or GPS location service providers, Pegasus Gateway is the ultimate solution to develop all kinds of telematic reports using the open source API offers DCT.

DCT Syrus II Fleet Management GPS Trackers integration details, extract Can Bus (J1708/J1939) data and send telematic reports to a Tracking Management Platform. DCT Syrus II also support Garmin FMI to connect external devices and can controlled the Driver identification.

Completed the integration of GPS device DCT Syrus for vehicle tracking. Features reading temperature sensors, fuel, driver identification, FMI Garmin, internal events owners and battery control.

Finished integration of a new GPS device for vehicles DCT Antares.

DCT e-Track GPS TrackerThe DCT (DigitalComTech) e-Track is a portable battery-powered GPS-tracking device designed to interact remotely with Automated Location systems (Tracking Servers) or with end-users by using the GSM/GPRS network as communication media.

DCT Syrus II GPS TrackerDCT Syrus II is the evolution of "Syrus" old model with higher functionality and performance, ideal for vehicle location and Fleet Management solutions. DCT Syrus II now with Can Bus J1708/J1939 compatibility, increased event buffer for extended log up to 12000 events.

DCT Antares SB GPS TrackerDCT Antares SB GPS Tracker, this mobile asset tracking & reporting communicator is ideal for commercial Fleet Management or private vehicle location systems. DCT Antares combines the precition of GPS the power of 2.5 and 3 G wireless networks. Antares is available in GPRS and CDMA 800, 900, 1800 or 1900 MHz bands. DCT Antares is compatible with virtually any Tracking Management Platform service.

DCT Syrus GPS TrackerThe DCT Syrus GPS intelligent tracking and reporting device is the evolution of Digital Communications Technologies quad-band track, trace and locate in Vehicle telematic products. Designed for the most demanding Fleet Management operation, offering scalability, compatibility and added functionality to a simple cost effective track-n-trace operation.