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Xirgo Technologies XT4500 GPS asset tracker (waterproof)Xirgo Technologies XT4500 is a GPS tracker for GPS asset tracking solutions. XT4500 tracker can be connected to 6-24VDC in the mobile asset or working on standalone GPS mode with rechargeable Li-Ion batteries (650, 960, 6600 mAh), contact with Xirgo Technologies to know how time during the batteries.

Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM10 bicycles GPS tracker for Bike sharingAlbatross System Terminal GPRS FM10 is a bicycles GPS tracker for Bike sharing solutions. Terminal GPRS FM10 model pass to (Standalone GPS) mode, when lost connection to bicycle power supply and can operate over 6 month thank to his (5400mAh) Li-Ion battery.

Terminal GPRS FM11 GPS vehicle tracker integration of the Albatross System brand. With internals (GPS antenna and GSM antenna), Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM11 be install more easy for don´t need meters of wire to the conventional external antennas.

Albatross System Terminal GPRS FM11 GPS vehicle trackerAlbatross System Terminal GPRS FM11 is a fleet management and GPS vehicle tracker. (Terminal GPRS FM11) tracker can function as a Standalone GPS thanks to his Li-Ion battery and continue work without need of connect FM11 to vehicle battery.

When comparing the benefits offered by a GPS device must not neglect the possibilities for connecting external accessories that are offered. There are two types of entries present in most GPS devices for control applications or management of vehicle fleets

These are: 

  1. Digital Inputs 
  2. Analog inputs
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